Send a quick response - iOS

Quick responses are "canned" responses that can be used to quickly send a message to someone. There are a couple of ways you can utilize quick responses. 

You can use a quick response while composing or replying to a message to quickly insert text. To do so: 
1. Compose a new message (or hit "reply" to a message). 
2. Tap on "Quick" on the compose toolbar above the keyboard. 

3. You will see a list of available quick responses. Tap on the one you would like to use. (Note: Boxer Pro users can create their own quick response templates to use. More information on that can be found here). 

4. The quick response you tapped on will now display in the message body. You can add to it or modify it as you see fit before sending.

If you already know that a quick response will suffice and do not need to make any modifications to it, you can send a quick response from the folder you are in without having to open a new message. 
1. Swipe on the message to open up the action grid. 
2. Select the "Quick" button.
quickresponse3.jpg 3. This will show you a list of available quick response options. Tap on the message you would like to send, and the response will be sent right away. 

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