Gmail says I have too many connections.

If you are having syncing issues with your Gmail account, or if you receive notice from Gmail that you have "too many connections", there are some steps you can take to remedy this. Every app on each device that is connected to your Gmail accounts will have 1 or more connections open to each account. You can see what has connected recently by clicking on the “Details” link in the bottom right-hand corner of your Gmail inbox. 

To see what apps currently have access and to remove old or unused authorizations:

- Open up the Gmail web interface (not in the app).

- Click on your avatar in the top right corner. This will open up a drop down menu.

- Select “Account” underneath your email address.

- Click on “Security” from the tab options at the top.

- Select “View All” from underneath “Account permissions”.

- Revoke access to any authorizations you are no longer using, and do the same with all Boxer authorizations. To do this, select the authorization, and click on "Revoke access" from the right-hand side. 

- Re-add your account to Boxer to grant authorization again. 

If this doesn't help to clear up the syncing issue, please submit a support ticket and let us know that you tried these steps.

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