My emails sent with iCloud are not being received

Note: This troubleshooting article is for Boxer on iOS only. If you are having iCloud sending issues with Boxer for Android, please submit a support ticket. 

There have been a few reports from users that any emails sent from Boxer with their iCloud account are never actually delivered.  This issue appears to be limited to a small number of iCloud users, but we do not consider it a small problem, as sending emails reliably is a key functionality for any email client.

If you use Boxer with your iCloud account, please take a few minutes to send a few emails to different recipients and verify that those emails are being received.  If they are not, please follow the steps below to work around this issue and get your iCloud account fully functional on Boxer.

Why is this happening?

We believe this issue is caused by confusion resolving the correct SMTP (outgoing mail) server.  The Boxer iCloud configuration uses the correct iCloud outgoing server, but if iCloud mail is enabled in the device settings, it appears that sometimes Boxer's outgoing server connection gets routed to the wrong place.  The server does receive the email and indicates that it was received, but the email is never actually delivered.  

We are currently working with iCloud to resolve this issue, but until then, the following workaround will ensure that your iCloud emails sent through Boxer will be received.

The Workaround

If you are having this issue, it can be resolved by disabling mail for iCloud accounts in the device settings.  Please be aware that this will disable your iCloud accounts in the stock mail client.

1. Select the Settings app on your device and then select iCloud.

2. Make sure the switch next to Mail is set to the off position.

3. Go back to the Settings screen.
4. Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".
5. Check the settings for each account listed that is an iCloud account and switch Mail off for each.
6. Reboot your iPhone or iPad by turning it off, and then back on again. 

Lastly, please report this to Apple! We are doing all we can to work with their team, but the more reports they receive, the more likely they are to quickly help us resolve this. The easiest way to send them a note is from this link:

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