I can't connect my IMAP account. - iOS

Note: This article is for iOS troubleshooting only. If you are experiencing this issue in Android, please email us at support@getboxer.com

*If the incoming and outgoing server names you are entering include the word "pop", your account is most likely a POP3 account, which is not currently supported by Boxer on iOS. 

For all generic IMAP accounts:

To help us figure out why your IMAP account is unable to connect, please take the following steps: 

- First, please verify that the settings you are using to connect are also the same settings that you use to connect this account to the default Apple Mail app. To verify, open up the iPhone settings app, click on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", and then select your IMAP account. Select the account one more time, and you should see the settings.

- Please take a screenshot of these settings, by pressing the lock button and home button on your phone at the same time.

- Next, please take a screenshot of the settings you are using when trying to connect to Boxer. There should be two screenshots, since the Incoming and Outgoing sections cannot be shown at the same time.

- Please try connecting this account one last time (so that you see the same error message). Then, open up the app settings, select "Support," and then click on "Send logs" to send the error information directly to the development team. (NOTE: You will need to have at least one account connected to Boxer to access the app settings and send logs.)

- Lastly, please send the screen shots to the support team at support@getboxer.com. 

The more information you can provide us when submitting this ticket, the quicker we will be able to find out what is preventing you from connecting.

IMAP accounts can be quirky, and we appreciate your patience while we work to get everything smoothed out!

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