I'm getting a "Failed to send to Evernote" message when trying to move an email. What should I do? - iOS

Note: This article is for iOS troubleshooting only. If you are experiencing this issue in Android, please email us at support@getboxer.com

Sending a message to Evernote from Boxer should work the great majority of the time, but every now and then you may receive a message that says "Failed to send to Evernote" when trying to send a particular message. This means that there is likely something about that email type that is preventing Boxer from sending it, but by taking a few steps and reporting this to us, we will be able to include a fix for it in an update. 

If you receive this message, please take the following steps:

- Immediately after seeing the message, send error logs. You can do this by opening up the app settings, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on "Send Logs" underneath the Support section. This will send the error information directly to the development team to troubleshoot.

- After you send logs, please send an email to support@getboxer.com with the following information: 

  • Please let us know if you are seeing this on ALL messages you try to send to Evernote, or if it is just a specific one. 
  • If just a specific email, please let us know the email domain it is coming from. i.e., from @website.com.
  • Please also let us know if you did send logs, so we can attach them to the support ticket. 

Thanks for helping us out by reporting this!

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